We here at Autochem Ireland Ltd are no 1 suppliers to the motor trade, coach companies, HGV companies, professional valeters, valeting companies, detailers, small business man and the public, if it has wheels and can be washed, we have the tools to make it shine, we supply cleaning products, Detailing products, valeting accessories, car wash equipment, aerosols, dressings, polishes, TFR's, snow foam's, brushes, clothes, bottles and lots more. We are the leader when it comes to the most up to date products on the market and pride our self's in service and are proud of our products.

General Lee at Autochem

One thing that sets us apart from the rest is we don't interfere with our amazing products so you get the best of products for your money. We deliver through out Ireland and are growing our fleet rapidly to accommodate our customers. We work closely with our developers to stay ahead of the competition and continue to develop the next best product to your market.